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Palazzo Mosela's Concierge provides at your disposal its wide knowledge of our territory, suggesting a variety of unique itineraries to live at best Montepulciano's authenticity. From wine tastings to our Chef's masterclasses, from horseback riding to countryside excursions, from sports to restaurant experiences you will get immersed in the Tuscan tradition

Our Advice

Below you will find our advice on what to visit in Montepulciano. From its magnificent historic buildings and ancient churches to breathtaking panoramic views, Montepulciano is a treasure of cultural and natural beauties not to be missed.

What to visit in Montepulciano

The famous church constructed by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder between 1518 and 1545, reflects the architectural characteristics of the last period of the Renaissance. It is in the centre of a flat lawn and positioned outside the city, in an extraordinary landscape, which emphasizes its grandeur. The church the Madonna of San Biagio, it has a Greek cross plan, a central dome and a semicircle apse, and has been entirely realized in travertine.
The Villa Trecci borders the Villa Benefizio Park, a bio-sustainable three hectare Mediterranean garden with a collection of three hundred and sixty different species and varieties of vegetables, it has an arid climate and a humid climate in the lake and in the swap areas, which are part of the APGI and MSGI gardens, open to the public during the spring/summer it welcomes art exhibitions, concerts, and prose performances. The guests of our structures will be able to access the park on the days open to the public for free but not the events.


Situated in the Avignonesi Palace its kitchen offers seasonal and local products. The welcome and treatment will make your stay at Nobile a moment to remember.
Situated in an ancient medieval building with its kitchen on view, it offers a young and cheerful setting, with seasonal products at 0km. Our experienced sommeliers can assist you to select wine to pair with your meal, and with the possibility to taste wine beforehand.
Typically Tuscan environment, with products of the highest quality and which respects the tradition of true Tuscan cuisine as used in families.

BAR and Caffetterie we recommend

Handmade products, cakes and Illy coffee. These are only some of the delicacies produced by the expert hands of the master pastry chefs. Traditional Tuscan biscuits such as Panforte and Ricciareli, handmade Panettone and cakes are always on hand.
This place is definitely a reference point for the historical centre; the logo of the Caffetteria carries the head of a Lion present on the facade of the Avignonesi Palace, while the furnishings are embellished with decorations and frescoes of fine workmanship dating back to the 1500’s. The period interior, the refined service and the quality of the products represent the excellence of this Poliziano hamlet.

Wine Shops/Enotecas we recommend

This rich enoteca will allow you to choose the wine to pair with your meal, with the possibility of tasting beforehand.
You can taste an excellent wine guided by the experience of our personnel before sitting down to dinner. The rare labels and wines much sought after make the Enoteca a real Paradise for wine lovers with more than 2000 labels.